What is PeriOperativePain.com?

PeriOperativePain.com is an academic, educational, non-commercial website devoted to teaching physicians and patients the latest concepts in postoperative pain management. The content on the site is written by surgeons, anesthesiologists, and other physicians who conduct research on postoperative pain. The site is entirely non-commercial: we do not sell or promote any products and do not collect any information from site visitors. The purpose of the site is education, and education only.

The site is supported by unrestricted educational grants from the medical industry. The site sponsors have no input into the site contents. Medical websites are expensive to run and maintain, so some sort of support is required. The grants are unrestricted, which means that the companies supporting the site cannot control the content, which is under the sole control of the Editorial Board.

The sources of funding for the site and the Editorial Board are listed here.